How to Create Fillable Worksheets in Canva

Need to create a fillable worksheet for your online course or membership site but don’t have Adobe? Easy, just use Canva. In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to easily create a worksheet from scratch in Canva and how to export it so that it's fillable. This is perfect if you're creating worksheets for your online course, membership site, group program or infoproduct.

Skip Ahead…

  • Picking the right template for your worksheet (0:41)

  • Customizing and designing your worksheet (3:19)

  • Exporting your file from Canva (7:50)

  • How to make your PDF file from Canva Fillable (8:53)

Links Mentioned

  • Sign up for Canva Pro account click here

  • The free website I use to make PDF fillable click here

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