How to find time to blog

No matter the size of the business the one thing I hear time and again is “I/we don’t have time to blog”. Yes, blogging is time consuming especially when you’re just getting started. But in the digital age can you really afford not to blog at all?

By 2020 consumers will make 85% of purchases without interacting with a human. While that sounds like paradise for an introvert like myself, it presents a new challenge to businesses of all sizes. How do you reach your customers if they aren’t talking to people?

Blog consistently

The new consumer does more research than ever. They make carefully calculated decisions. You need to be part of that decision process, and there's where having a blog becomes a must. Content is the lifeblood of all businesses in the "new economy".

Blogging for business isn’t just blogging, it’s a marketing channel.

Here’s how to find the time to blog

Prioritize blogging

You have to treat it like it’s important. Truth be told it is important if you want to sell infoproducts at some point. Commit to one hour daily, every other day or weekly - Make a promise to yourself that you’re going to do it and then actually do it.

Collect ideas

Create a system for collecting your ideas and doing research. The simpler the better. I recommend using Evernote or creating a project in Asana where you can dump all of your ideas and research.

Get help when you need it

Your business is flourishing, and maybe you genuinely don’t have the time because there are more pressing things on your plate. Assess the things that are on your plate that you can outsource or hire out.

Maybe it’s admin tasks that are taking up precious blogging time, or just time you could spend doing anything other than sitting in front of a computer screen.

Last but certainly not least, use my blog template that’s going to cut your blogging time in half

Spending precious time reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to write. I've included writing prompts instructions on where to place images, tweet-ables, and opt-in forms. Not only will you save time, write better quality post but your post will be laid out in a strategic way to grow your email list. Not to mention, this handy template makes handing off blog post formatting to your assistant super easy because I've included all the formatting. Need I say more? Grab it now!