How To Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet


Curious about how to create a free download to entice your potential dream clients to join your email list? I’ll show you how with my Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet. I cover everything you need to know about creating irresistible lead magnets even the tech stuff.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is typically a free offer of a digital product in exchange for your lead’s contact information. So in plain language your potential client visits your site and you offer them free content in exchange for their email address. Some times this free content could be a sample of a service. What lead magnets are people in your niche using? How are they using them? 

Why Do I Need a Lead Magnet?

If you want to build your email list fast you need to make it enticing to join your list. What’s in it for me if I give you my email? Are you just going to fill my inbox with junk I don’t want? People don’t want more junk in their inbox. They want VALUE. They want solutions to their problems. Information that entertains. If you want access to their inbox you need to prove upfront that its worth them forking over their email address.

How Do I create a Lead Magnet?

Its so easy to create a lead magnet. Most people think its complicated but honestly its not that complicated at all especially with this cheat sheet. Even the least tech savvy person could make a free download here’s what you need to do…

open a word processor

type your content

format so it looks purrty (pretty)

click save as a PDF.

Boom! Done! Finito! Then you just take that and upload it to your website or hand it off to your developer. In case you don’t have a developer and don’t know how to upload it to your site here are a couple of videos that can help you with that.

Grab Your Lead Magnet Cheat Sheet