Hustling is overrated and sitting in front of your computer screen for 13 hours straight is a definite NO.

I'm Sharice, and I work with busy bosses who desperately want to free up their time.  

Your business should be fun and give you the freedom to have pancakes on Monday, spur of the moment beach days and carefree strolling down the aisles of Target.

In my world, freedom and fun are an absolute must. As your creative virtual assistant and your right-hand gal, my mission is to help you get it all done while making it feel effortless.

Imagine no longer having to scramble to get your blog post published, feeling guilty about not sending your subscribers the newsletters you promised and having the peace of mind knowing everything is handled.

Whether you have a ton of blog post that needs to be refined or a bunch ideas that you're struggling to bring to life I can help you make sense of it all and get it done.

What Can I Delegate?


Email Marketing

Automation sequence creation

Newsletter content

Newsletter formatting

Proofreading and editing

Convert Kit Set up & Migration

Blogging Task

Content creation

Proofreading and editing

Blog post formatting and scheduling 

Promotional graphics (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)

Editorial calendar planning

Social Media 

Post content creation

SmarterQueue migration and set up

Scheduling social media post

Comment replying 

Hashtag research

Whether you need recurring weekly assistance or just a few hours a month, I've got a package for you.

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Knock some task off your to do list

5 Hours

$225 per month

+On boarding call (up to 60min)

+Unlimited access via email 


Stop going it alone and add a partner.

Stop going it alone

10 Hours

$450 per month

+On boarding call (up to 60min)

+Weekly check in via Skype

+Access to Asana to assign task.

+Unlimited access via email

*3 month commitment

Free up your time and focus on the higher level task

Free up your time and focus on the higher level task

20 Hours

$900 per month

+On boarding call (up to 60min)

+Weekly check in via Skype

+Asana Workspace to assign task and track projects.

+Unlimited access via email

+1 Rush job per month

* 3 month commitment


The difference between me and some person from one of those virtual assistant sites.

I'm not knocking those sites. They are great resource for cheap labor but let's be honest you get what you pay for. Do you really trust someone who charges $4/hour to edit your blog post? I think not. When you hire an independent contractor like myself you get a person with a specific skill set. I hold a BS from Johnson & Wales University in Advertising and Marketing Communications with an Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot and over 5 years of content marketing experience. I've pretty much devoted the last 10 years of my life to sharpening and crafting my expertise in marketing so you're getting not just some added woman power but a marketing professional.

If you're ready to knock some task off of your to-do list let's have a chat.

If you just need someone to talk it out with I'm here for you too. I offer consulting and strategy sessions starting at $75 for 60 minutes.