Hustling is overrated and sitting in front of your computer screen for 13 hours straight is a definite NO.

You need a strategic partner who can support you in turning your business plans into reality.

If you’re looking for strategy and support and the person who can do both look no further.

Hi I’m Sharice! Digital marketing tech nerd, strategist and entrepreneur behind Sharice & CO. It’s my mission to use my digital marketing knowledge and tech skills to help busy entrepreneurs save time, money and achieve goals. I work with busy bosses offering premium services to systemize, strategize and streamline their business so they can market consistently, and sell more without spending hours in front of their computer. To put it simply, I help go-getters get.

People typically hire me for one or two reasons….

Strategy or Support And some times they need both.

I’m part tech nerd, digital marketing maven and project manager. All of which makes me the perfect partner for creatives, big picture thinkers, and busy bosses who need more than just a clone but someone who can make sense of it all and put into action.


Get the big picture for how to automate your business.

This is perfect if you get overwhelmed and struggle to see the big picture. You’re not sure how to bring the pieces together to get clients and customers flowing into your business from your website. You can handle the automation, content and design

You need a roadmap for getting systemizing your digital marketing.   



Pair your strategy with the best online tools.

This is perfect if you are a designer or working with a designer who can build out your opt-in, landing pages and sales pages. I’ll handle the tech pieces.


You need someone to implement your strategy with the right tech tools.


Turn your business plans into reality with a little hands on help.

This is perfect if you're too busy to write every single piece of content, fiddle with technology, or play around designing graphics in Canva.


You need strategy, automation and support creating content.


The difference between me and some person from one of those virtual assistant sites.

I'm not knocking those sites. They are great resource for inexpensive labor but let's be honest you get what you pay for. Do you really trust someone who charges $4/hour to edit your blog post? No, no you don't. When you hire an independent contractor like myself you get a person with a specific skill set. I hold a BS from Johnson & Wales University in Advertising and Marketing Communications with an Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot and over 5 years of content marketing experience. I've pretty much devoted the last 10 years of my life to sharpening and crafting my expertise in marketing so you're getting not just some added woman power but a marketing professional.

Here are a few ways  I can make your life a little bit easier.

Artboard 21.png

Knock some task off your to do list

10 Hours

$450 per month

+Dedicated Dropbox folder for file transfer.

+ 1 check in via Skype (up to 15min)

+Unlimited access via email

*No monthly contract required


 Stop going it alone and add a partner.

Stop going it alone

15 Hours

$675 per month

+Dedicated Dropbox folder for file transfer

+Weekly check in via Skype (up to 30min)

+Customized Asana work space to assign and track projects. (Optional)

+Unlimited access via email

*3 month commitment

 Free up your time and focus on the higher level task

Free up your time and focus on the higher level task

20 Hours

$900 per month

+Dedicated Dropbox folder for file transfer

+ Weekly check in via Skype (up to 30min)

+Customized Asana work space to assign task and track projects.

+Unlimited access via email.

* 3 month commitment

Looking for something a little more "custom"?

I know that every business is different and perhaps you're so busy you need someone to come in and take care of everything. In the words of Olivia Pope "It's handled". I offer custom projects for busy entrepreneurs who don't have the time to figure out a strategy, fiddle with technology, or play around designing graphics in Canva or hiring a team of copywriters designers and web developers. If this sounds like you let's discuss a completely customizable package to fit your needs.

Booked Until June 2018

I am currently booked and not accepting any new clients at this time. If you'd like to work with me when space becomes available please fill out the form below and I'll get in touch to let you know when we'll be able to take on your project. 

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